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XpandER Cross

Unlock your lifestyle
NEW XPANDER CROSS, the vehicle that understands you and develops to the next level of URBAN SUV with the 7-seat,

change all of your journey’s experience, whether in the city or upcountry with an outstanding design in SUV style.

A new generation MPV

The Xpander Cross is a new breed of MPV, with a tough exterior and a welcoming interior.

The fusion of toughness and luxury

Outside, Xpander Cross has lots of practical touches, like high ground clearance and alloy wheels. It has the kind of looks that fit in, whether you’re pulling into a picnic area or a luxury hotel.

Safety is always a priority

The vehicles have physical safety features like a reinforced body shell and airbags. They also have smart safety systems, such as the Emergency Stop Signal, to take passenger protection to new levels.


Getting out of deep water

The Xpander Cross have high ground clearance which is 225mm. That’s the best in this class of vehicle. It means it can handle most flooded roads in the rainy season.

More driving confidence

For all-round driver visibility, Xpander Cross is the best in class. Combine this with high ground clearance, and not only can you see any trouble spots ahead – like flooded roads – you can travel through them, leaving most vehicles behind.


The Xpander Cross have both stylish, sculpted exterior on the outside with additional stylish SUV touches.

Solid, robust, protective

The exteriors of the Xpander Cross have been influenced by our hugely successful SUV, the Montero Sport. The Xpander Cross has strong, sculpted looks with additional SUV touches like black wheel arch moldings and LED fog lamps that creates a strong, ‘go-anywhere’ feel.

The future is bright

If you want to make a bold statement, the Xpander Cross is also available in the new Sunrise Orange Metallic color.

Making life easier

The Xpander Cross is not only a pleasure to drive, it’s convenient too. Outside the vehicle, you’ll find several SUV touches – one of which is roof rails. These not only add to the rugged looks, any extra luggage can go up top.

Not just there just to look good

The Xpander Cross has 17-inch alloys wheels. Alloys make the car look sporty and the wider rims means larger tyres can be fitted, which creates a more stable ride.

A strong, geometric face

The face of the Xpander Cross incorporates a geometric design concept called the ‘Advanced Dynamic shield’. This creates a bold look and forms a protective zone for both the driver and occupants. The strong, sculpted look continues at the back with a prominent skid plate for extra underbody protection.

Lighting up more of the road

In the Xpander Cross, the headlamp cluster is embedded within the front bumper. By positioning them lower – at the vehicle’s edge – the beam illuminates more of the road ahead.

Better light all round

Within the front and rear lamp clusters, Xpander Cross have LED lights. These emit a brighter, more natural light to support safer night driving. The Xpander Cross also benefits from LED fog lamps.

Shark Fin Antenna

Auto Folding Side-view Mirrors

LED Tail Lights

Rear Bumper



We wanted the Xpander Cross interiors to reflect our deep held belief of ‘Omotenashi’, the Japanese word for ‘hospitality’. So as well as Japanese craftsmanship, there are lots of other touches, like clever storage areas and a superior climate control system.

LCD Touchscreen

Enjoy movies, music and more on the 9″ touchscreen display audio system. Features include Bluetooth® smartphone connection, hands-free phone conversations, and hands-free phone operation via voice.

There’s no need to shout


We’ve added sound absorbing material throughout and thick carpet on the floor, so you can have a conversation with your fellow passengers without raising your voice.

Making light work of heavy rain


Thick headlining backed by sound-absorbing material has been used to reduce rain noise on the roof.

High quality insulated glass


The windshield is made of high-quality insulated glass. Combine that with all the other sound proofing touches and it’s no wonder the Xpander and Xpander Cross are so quiet inside.

Three adults in the middle seats

To serve the driving pleasure, comfortable 7 seats, convenient amenities, refined materials and modern styling all are contributed.

Easy access to the back seats

To serve the driving pleasure, comfortable 7 seats, convenient amenities, refined materials and modern styling all are contributed.

Room for seven, plus luggage

Keep all the seats up and you can carry seven passengers. Still need room for other items? There’s a space behind the third row for four gallon water bottles or a stroller.

Welcome to the cargo deck

Fold the third and second row seats down and you’ve got a large, flat cargo deck with no sticking up bits or gaps. This makes it ideal for luggage, bikes and even items of furniture.

Clever storage throughout

We wanted the Xpander Cross to be practical. That’s why there are storage spaces for muddy boots, drinks, snacks and smartphones. Power outlets throughout the cabin means you can charge your devices easily.

Ample storage space

The seat back pockets offer ample storage space to store books, magazines and even a tablet device.

Plenty of room for drinks

The front doors have pockets designed hold two PET bottles and the rear doors can hold three. So your drinks will always be close to hand.

Storage of wet things

A tray under both front passenger seats means you can store your muddy, wet things, without getting the interior dirty.

Cool, silent air

The Xpander Cross have superior climate control systems. Where our competitors might only have six or seven fan levels at best, our new generation MPVs have eight in front, and six in the back. This means the temperature can be lowered quickly and air circulated more efficiently.


The Xpander is a smooth-driving vehicle that reinvents the whole MPV category. If you like the sound of the Xpander, but feel you might want enhanced SUV detailing, take a look at the Xpander Cross. It comes with LED fog lights and protective door finishes.

Enjoy Higher Levels of Power and Suspension


Powerful and reliable

The Xpander Cross is powered by a 1.5L MIVEC engine (Mitsubishi Innovative Valve timing Electronic Control system). It gives a more powerful performance, yet fuel consumption is much lower.


Easily unlock doors and start your engine with the advanced Keyless Operation System.


Get all the information you need on the road from a clear and easy-to-read display.


Adjust to the optimum height & position for a comfortable driving posture

USB Port

Xpander Cross comes with USB port and charging ports within close proximity.

Eco Mode

Electronic Steering Wheel


With its Solid Engineering, the Xpander Cross feels solid and well built, because it is. Strategic welding and intelligent reinforcement make the body rigid and lightweight for enhanced perform.

Getting out of deep water

The Xpander Cross has high ground clearance. In the Xpander Cross it’s 225mm. That’s the best in this class of vehicle. It means it can handle most flooded roads in the rainy season.

More driving confidence

For all-round driver visibility, Xpander Cross is the best in class. Combine this with high ground clearance, and not only can you see any trouble spots ahead – like flooded roads – you can travel through them, leaving most vehicles behind.


New Xpander Cross is spacious, but it handles with the agility of a much smaller vehicle at 5.2 m. You can easily make U-turns on city streets and enter the best spots in crowded parking lots.

A strong, sturdy posture

The Xpander Cross have uniquely strong bodies held together with welds and then further reinforced. Front suspension is provided by a Macpherson strut and the rear suspension is a torsion beam. The result is a rigid body and stable ride on the most demanding roads.


The cruise control will lock your speed as you set it for your driving pleasure.


The Xpander Cross have two types of on-board safety systems: solid safety, such as a reinforced body shell and intelligent safety such as Active Stability Control. Together they ensure you can drive with the utmost confidence.

Dual SRS Airbags

Driver and passenger airbag system In the event of a collision, front SRS airbags help protect you and the front passenger by absorbing the force of impact.

Rear View Camera

When the shift lever is in reverse, a camera above the tailgate captures a clear view behind the vehicle that appears on the DVD display audio monitor so you can back up with peace of mind.

Hard on the outside, soft on the inside

The Xpander Cross have Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution (RISE) bodies. This absorbs the energy of collisions from any direction. Any force is safely dispersed through the RISE body to reduce damage.

Making hill starts easy

Hill Start Assist makes starting on a steep slope really easy. It holds the brake on for up to two seconds until you press the accelerator. So you need never worry about rolling back again.

More stable on slippery surfaces

If wheels lose their grip on slippery surfaces or while turning, ASC automatically adjusts engine output and applies braking force at the appropriate wheels to help maintain control and prevent skidding.

Greater control when braking

The anti-lock braking system (ABS) helps prevent the wheels from locking up during emergency braking so you can maintain greater steering control, even on slippery roads.

Electronic Brake Force Distribution

Functions in unison with the ABS to distribute appropriate brake force to all four wheels of the car, resulting in shorter, safer braking distances.

Keep motorists behind you safe

The Emergency Stop Signal System means If you brake hard, the hazard lights automatically flash to warn vehicles behind you. This is something most of our competitors have yet to offer and can help to reduce the possibility of rear-end collisions.

Pedestrian Protection

In a collision with a pedestrian, the points of contact are likely to be the hood for the head and bumper for the legs. Therefore, we built an impact-absorbing structure in the front-end of the vehicle to help minimize injuries for everyone.

Side Door Impact Beam

All 4 doors are equipped with a support beam that increases passenger protection by helping to reduce door deformation in the event of a side collision.


Pretensioners on the front seatbelts automatically tighten the belts in the event of a frontal collision to restrain the driver and front passenger and reduce the force of impact when the front airbags are deployed.



This system can help providing greater brake force by assisting brake pedal actuation during emergency braking.


Drive System2WD
Drive System4AT
Price ClassGLX
Dimensions and weights
Overall Length (mm.)4,475
Overall Width (mm.)1,750
Overall Height (mm.)1,700
Wheel Base (mm.)2,775
Front Track (mm.)1,520
Rear Track (mm.)1,510
Ground Clearance (mm.)205
Seating Capacity (person)7
Min. Turning Radius (m.)5.2
Engine Code4N15
type1.5 liters 16-value DOHC MIVEC
total Displacement (cc.)1,499
Injection SystemElectronically Controlled Injection-Multi
Emission LevelEuro-2
Max. output (kw/rpm)77 / 6,000
Max. torque (n.m/rpm)141 / 4,000
Fuel type / OctaneUnleaded / RON 90 and over
Fuel tank capacity (litres)45
Gear ratio 1st2.875
Gear ratio 2nd1.568
Gear ratio 3rd1.000
Gear ratio 4th0.697
fontMacPherson Strut
rearTorsion Beam
Front and Rear205/55R16 Alloy Wheels