Concept Cars

On the horizon

It’s not enough to think about tomorrow, next week or next year. We have to think decades ahead. Take a look at the exciting cars we’re working on that you might see at a motor show, or even on a street near you, in a few year’s time.


Mitsubishi e-EVOLUTION

The 2017 Mitsubishi e-EVOLUTION concept is a high-performance all-electric crossover SUV, with high torque electric motors and Artificial Intelligence. It has a Triple Motor 4WD system and New Generation Active Yaw Control (AYC) that enables drivers to tackle the elements in a way that’s never been done before.

A muscular exterior

The e-EVOLUTION is designed to go anywhere. The strong exterior shape reflects the car’s ability to grip the road. High ground clearance, short overhangs and protruding tyres boost the vehicle’s 4WD torque and help it to tackle rough terrain.

The cockpit of tomorrow

The cockpit gives you a glimpse into the future of motoring. The driver has a near 360-degree view of the road. And a flat screen display, spanning the width of the instrument panel, shows outside conditions, navigation and driver information.

Triple motor 4WD system

The e-EVOLUTION has a Triple Motor 4WD system with New Generation Dual Motor Active Yaw Control (AYC). A single motor drives the front wheels, complemented by two rear motors. The two rear motors are coupled through an electronically controlled Active Yaw Control (AYC) unit. This controls the driving and braking forces between the left and right wheels. The net result? More precise cornering and responsive acceleration.

S-AWC (Super All-Wheel Control)

This advanced, full-time, 4WD control system manages driving and braking forces on all four wheels. The result is increased drive power, better cornering performance and better vehicle stability under any driving condition.

All-electric crossover SUV

The e-EVOLUTION is an all-electric crossover SUV with high-torque electric motors, fed by a high-capacity battery system. They deliver a smooth, powerfully responsive performance.

Artificial Intelligence

We’re taking driving to the next level through Artificial Intelligence (AI). The AI system instantly reads changes in the road and traffic conditions, making the driver feel more connected to the vehicle than ever before. There’s even a coaching function that allows the AI to create a profile of the driver’s skill level and by transferring knowledge, it can make you an even better driver!

Advanced safety systems 

The e-EVOLUTION comes with an array of cameras and sensors that allow the on board AI to instantly read changes in the road and driver’s intent, thereby creating a safer driving experience.


Mitsubishi GT-PHEV

In 2016 we showcased the GT-PHEV concept, a high-end crossover SUV with a forceful presence. Designed to tackle the elements without breaking a sweat, it took drivers further than they ever thought possible.


Mitsubishi eX

Showcasing our vision for electric is the Mitsubishi eX. This was a compact SUV powered by an improved EV system and better SUV technology, ensuring you’re always ready for an off-road adventure.


Robust and ingenious

Our designs reflect our philosophy of robustness and dependability. They are rooted in our heritage of honesty, Japanese craftsmanship and 100 years of automotive experience. Our designs must be functional and are created with meticulous care and precision and we focus on getting the details right. We call this Mitsubishi-ness.